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How to order a new a checkbook ?

To order chequebooks and cheque deposit slips online :

  1. From the “Accounts and cards / Checkbooks” menu in your secure area. make sure your order is complete:
  2. Select the linked account using the drop down menu
  3. Choose the number* and format of checkbooks or cheque deposit slips
  4. Confirm the delivery address: your home, usual branch or another branch. (You"ll be offered all the options above by default).
  5. Confirm your order by entering a one-time transaction code generated by your HSBC Secure Key.
  6. Click on "Continue" to confirm your order.
  7. You can then amend, confirm or cancel it

You can print your order confirmation by selecting "Print" at the top of your screen

You"ll get your chequebooks within 5 working days.

1. Access the menu:

- On IOS by clicking on the 3 buttons at the bottom right

- On the 3 lines at the top left on Android

2. Click on "Cheques / Order a checkbook"

3. Choose the format

4. Choose the delivery address:

- To my home (fees apply)

- To my usual HSBC branch / to another HSBC branch

5. Click on “Continue” then “Confirm”

*Since March 16, 2023, checkbook orders are limited to one checkbook per order.

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