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How to make money transfers ?

  1. On Android, tap on "Transfers" in Menu / On IOS tap on "Transfers" at the bottom middle of your home screen
  2. Choose "make a transfer" (in France or abroad, in euros or in currency)
  3. Choose the sender account Select the beneficiary account.
  4. First are the accounts held by the client, the third-party accounts, then the other beneficiaries, listed in alphabetical order. Tip : by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right you can easily search for the beneficiary
  5. Type the amount / currency then continue
  6. Select whether you want this transfer to be permanent or not. By default it is checked as “not permanent” and specify the execution date then click on “continue”. For international transfers, permanent or deferred transfer is not possible.
  7. Add a reason (which will be visible to the beneficiary) then "Continue"
  8. A summary page is displayed. Click on “Confirm”
  9. A confirmation page is displayed. You can share this confirmation by clicking on the "Sharing" logo at the top right.
  1. Access your accounts and click on the "Transfers / Make a transfer" section
  2. Select the account to be debited then the one to be credited.
  3. Choose the currency then the fee option
  4. Check the data entered and confirm the operation If the beneficiary is not on the list of accounts to be credited, you can create a new beneficiary.

If you cannot make your transfer to My Online bank and/or HSBC France Mobile app, please:

  1. Download the form
  2. Complete this form electronically. (You can use the input assistance document)
  3. Send it by secure messaging with the reason "My accounts"
  4. The branch will ask you to electronically sign the transfer request to confirm it. If you cannot send the form by secure messaging, please contact your branch to find the best solution to carry out your operation. Please note that this form is the only one that can be used to process your request. Any other support will not be taken into account by our services.
  5. Find your nearest branch

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