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How to add a new beneficiary ?

Prerequisites : This functionality is only available with Secure Key Mobile.

1. On Android, select “Transfers” from the Menu / on iOS, click on “Transfers” at the bottom middle of your home screen
2. Click on “Manage my beneficiaries”
3. On Android click on “Add a beneficiary” / on iOS click on the top to right of your screen on the icon
4. Select the country, then enter the IBAN / account number and the name of the beneficiary then tap on "Continue"
5. If the beneficiary"s bank is in France: tap "Confirm"
6. If the beneficiary"s bank is abroad or the transfer must be made in foreign currency: add the beneficiary"s address
7. Validate the confirmation screen before proceeding with the transfer.

  1. Go to the "Transfer > Manage your beneficiaries" section
  2. Complete all the contact details (IBAN or free format)
  3. Validate the operation by entering a unique use code via your Secure Key
  4. Finally, your new beneficiary will immediately appear on your list.

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